Hi. I'm Zubin Ajmera. Mumbaikar, Online entrepreneur, Marketer and founder of Progress and Win

I help 9-6 working professionals and newbie bloggers start an online side business.

This means generating a second source of income by -- (1) finding a profitable idea and then getting your first paying customers. 

Or by (2) getting consistent traffic and then monetizing your website by selling an online product -- all while keeping your day job, in as little as putting 5 hours/week

​​​​Little about my story

Started a profitable online business, earned money on the side by independent consulting & freelancing, worked a corporate life for 7 companies, failed at 3 businesses, stayed in USA for 5 years, joined several business courses and mastermind groups, learnt from and interviewed influential people like Ramit Sethi, Rashmi Bansal, Pardeep Goyal, etc., read and researched 1000+ articles, books and blogs!

I’ll be direct with you


If you think about it, there are really 2 broad cloud categories of websites you'll find on starting a business. These are websites talking about :-

I like to take a different approach!

When I was starting out, none of these above 2 categories helped me. So, over the years I rigorously documented, refined and experimented various strategies. After the consistent waves of successes and failures, I’m currently managing 3 online ventures, but the journey still continues.

In my journey of meeting Top Performers -- authors, bloggers, celebrities, business owners, executives, I always like to ask ONE question -- "What is something you wish doing it before?"

And I get a ton of impressive responses with the common theme of "I wish I did X" or "I wish I spent more time on Y"

Saif Ali Khan once shook my hand and said – “You’ve a bright future Zubin!” I think he was partially right, so I responded – “We all have a bright future only if we execute. Just thinking is not enough”

 Abhijeet. R


Zubin focuses extensively on business strategies and frameworks over the years. I really like the way he pays attention to all details and is ALWAYS curious to learn and improve things

What Progress and Win is NOT about

Each one of us today wants to build some business of his own or monetize a website, so that eventually we have an option to quit our jobs.

The only questions which haunt are – “How do I start?”, "How do I find an idea?" “How do I monetize my website?” So, let me be clear and lay the curtains for you.

This site is NOT on –

  • Digital marketing -- No SEO strategies, no keyword research, no wordpress, no plugins, no link building tactics
  • Ads -- No advertisements, banners, google adsense, or sponsorships (did you find anything on the site so far?)
  • Affiliate marketing – No teachings on affiliates, flipkart, amazon or ecommerce

If you’re looking for something which focuses on the above topics, I urge you to leave and learn from other potent knowledgeable influencers in this space – Digital Deepak, Harsh Agrawal, Pardeep Goyal, and more, because I'm not the right person for it.

And this is also not a 'how to blog' or some ‘get rich quick’ gimmicky spam website. I’m not going to be promising you’ll make a million dollars by next week. No sugar coating, no B.S.

What Progress and Win is Really about


It has taken me 18 months of research (failures, testing, interviews, meetings, etc.) to really cut through the useless advices out there and distill it down to the very best ones.

PAW will help you start a side business (while keeping your day job) by the 2 most efficient ways out there -

  1. Freelancing (this involves finding ideas, validating them and getting your first customers)
  2. Productizing (this involves -- getting consistent traffic, monetizing your website by selling a product and getting your first sales)

The fascinating part? Once you get your initial customers and sales, you can get the next 10, and then the next 100, and on and on. Meaning, you can scale. You can GROW. And yes, you can eventually quit your day job.

PAW will specifically focus on step-by-step techniques and systems I’ve tested with both of those ways above, which has allowed me to generate business ideas, get real paying customers, generate lakhs in automatic revenue, sell online products, etc.

(Not to forget behind these were many failures too – first 3 ventures which failed, an ecommerce store which shut abruptly, selling jewelry which bombed miserably, and on and on and on.)

Along with the frameworks and mindsets you need to master your inner psychology. 

To be honest, I'm not motivated by things like monthly annual reports, or traffic stats, or which cool A/B testing or plugin to experiment. The thing which keeps me up is when I get engagement and results from my readers like these -

Some days I work, some days I play, some days I just experiment trying something new!

My cute little twin nieces!

I know

I know how to tie a shoelace trust me

So, let me ask you -- 

Are you 100% sure you want to be in? I ONLY want highly engaged people ready to commit and taking action inside. 

Are you nodding "Yes, I'm in!", or simply shrugging "I don't know"?

I've seen that people want results without taking efforts, so I'm going to be brutally honest with you -- it's not going to happen.

I'll show you techniques and strategies to start your side business -- but you WILL need to work on it. You will have to take action. Let's not make this an entertainment consumption site please.

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