Want to make 1 lakh a month as a second income from other sources? Start with this ONE thing

All of us do 2 things to try getting an income from other sources:

  1. We get inspired by other successful people on the internet, dream to make a million bucks in 1 month, quit our jobs, sleep on a beach and then swim like scrooge mcduck
  2. We dream to make a sustainable side income to eventually have that option to quit our jobs, but then we quickly hide ourselves saying - "That's not possible. I can never do that. I don't have time. I don't have an idea. I [insert a new legitimate excuse]

If you belong to category (1), you're delusional. I encourage you to leave my website right away.

If you belong to category (2), you're RIGHT. Yes, you can't make a million as a second source of income in the next month. Takes work and it takes a realistic attitude.

So, what if you reframe your psychology to say something like "You know what, everyone starts somewhere. So, I'm not going to be focusing on building a 10-employee company, or a million dollar business from day 1. I can start small. One thing at a time. Right now, I'd spend my time and focus only on finding an idea, then validate it and then getting my first 1-3 customers. "

Mastering your inner psychology is one of the best skills you can have in life. Let me show you the roadmap on how you can get there.

The Ladder to Make 1,00,000 a Month

Here's a simple formula to keep in your back pocket -

You can even apply this formula the other way. Say you want to start a side business and want 1000 customers. Renowned editor Kevin Kelly wrote one of the seminal pieces -- 1000 True Fans, where he proves that if you just have 1000 true fans or customers, you have a healthy business and you win.


A thousand customers is a whole lot more feasible to aim for than a million fans. Millions of paying fans is not a realistic goal to shoot for, especially when you are starting out. But a thousand fans is doable. You might even be able to remember a thousand names"

Here's how you can reverse engineer it --

Want 1000 customers? -- start with getting 100

Want 100 customers? -- start with getting 10

Want 10? -- start with getting 1

Yes, Just ONE

Notice how simple the equation is but internalizing this does two things -

  1. It separates you from the other delusional dumbs out there who simply dream of making lakhs and crores in the next month and always look for the easy shortcuts
  2. The number is irrelevant. Your goal maybe is to earn 10,00,000 or 50,000 or even 20,000. The point is -- it all starts with ONE. One step at a time. Finding your first idea, getting your first paying customer and on and on

It really is that simple to understand. Because, once you get 1, you can get the next 10, and the next 100, and on and on.

I'll be honest -- Getting my first customer was not "press-a-button" easy. I had to do research, test my ideas, validate, ask my readers, build a minimum viable product, etc.

However, once I got my first customer, getting the next 10 was SUPER easy since I had automated systems in place.

It all starts with ONE.


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