Stop guessing! Here are 40+ proven examples of online business ideas

You know what's one of the biggest barriers in starting an online business? It’s to come up with an idea in the first place. 

If you recall, I showed you 4 techniques for coming up with online business ideas. Use them and you'll quickly have 10-15 ideas in as little as 15 minutes. 

But, let’s be honest for a minute. Sometimes we get stuck. Psychologically as humans, we just need the Magic Bullet. So, I thought to do some research and put together a list of 40+ business ideas (you can download below) to get you started. (here are 5 other examples of successful businesses for beginners in India.)

One of the examples I like is a business on selling caricatures. It’s run by Prashant Sinha who has made caricatures for celebrities, companies, weddings, etc. A perfect example of turning your existing skills into a successful business!

Btw -- this inspires me to start an online business on hair beads, maybe? I mean, look at me in this picture and the way I am putting it on my niece. Watch her eyes, how angry she is on my beadwork skills! (I guess I need to practice more.)

As you know, one of the core philosophies of PAW is focusing on the Big Ticket items, what I call your Gold Stars, and not worrying about chasing vanity metrics.

This means, not to focus on things what other "experts" scream on:

  • “How to get traffic of 50,000 visitors?” (You don't)
  • “I need 1000 facebook followers and likes!” (Why do you care?)
  • “I need to register my company, hire employees, ……” (No, you don't initially)

I'd rather have you focus on the first few KEY items, like:

  • Generating and researching ideas
  • Finding and validating your first profitable idea
  • Getting your first 1-3 customers by selling a product or a service online

This sets up for a solid foundation of starting a side income. Think of it like constructing a building. You set up the initial pieces first, and then you build more. Scale more.

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