My recent coverage on YourStory — how I made 70K in 6 days as a second income

What if you're already working at a regular job and earn 70K as a second income? What if you:

  • Had 1 small simple product you sell online, which makes you sales consistently? 
  • Had 1-3 clients on the side you work with who happily pay you?

No, we're not talking about google adsense, or affiliate marketing, I'm talking about understanding and helping a small group of people.

I recently wrote an in-depth piece for YourStory, showing you EXACTLY the blueprint behind how I made 70K in 6 days.

Some of what it covers:

  • What you need to know as a beginner and what you DON'T need to worry about
  • 5 "weird" looking ideas, but are successful businesses. (I bet you'd be surprised with one atleast)
  • How I found my idea, and a process to come up with ideas
  • The only 3 things which I focused on in the beginning (and you too)
  • 5 most common questions about starting a side business (Most challenging: "I don't have time"), and how to tackle each one of them
  • The psychology behind starting an online side business (No, it's not the right "tool", or the perfect business idea)

My aim with PAW is to give you high quality material which you won't find anywhere in the market. This is just one of them.

Check it here:

Here's how someone with a regular job made 70k in 6 days as an extra income

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