Uhhh, but it is going to be “hard”

Starting a business is hard.

Going to the gym is hard.

Maintaining good relations with your friends and family is hard.

Working at your job is hard....impressing your manager is hard.

Making a good film is hard (look, even a star-studded film like Thugs of Hindostan has a disastrous failure)

Finding someone for marriage or to date is hard.

Guess what? -- The answer to everything might very well be -- "It is going to be hard!"

But, you know what else is going to be excruciatingly hard? 

Regret.....Regret of not starting a business today..or asking that person out for a date....or telling your boss for a promotion....or saying "I love you Ma and Dad today!"....or whatever you wish to do.

This regret won't come today, but it will surely come when you're in your last days before death....watch the ceiling fan...barely able to move your legs....and wonder --

"Man, I wish I had done that thing when I really wanted to!"

I'd rather take some action on what I want to today...to not have any regrets on my "death bed", than to simply wait and wait and wait....never doing anything to change the current situation.

How about you? What's on your mind today you REALLY want to do?

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