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                   Arun Sar                        

(Manager, SmartOwner)


Zubin is an experienced online entrepreneur. It was clear, that he has a lot of experience selling online products,from the first conversation we had. I still remember he not only patiently heard what I want to say, but also came up with an immediate solution to my problem. Zubin's solution helped me kickstart my online entrepreneurial journey!!

             Uddipta Ghosh                 

(Associate Director, Directi)


My first interaction with Zubin was supposed to be for 5 minutes and the conversation continued for more than an hour. That's how he can charm you with his in-depth knowledge of starting a business. A GENUINE, honest person who is always there to help you out. 

             Kritesh Agarwal                

(Online Entrepreneur)


Zubin's knowledge about online businesses is remarkable. During his conversations, he showed me how important it is to understand your market and how you can do it effectively. Its terrific! Go-getter. He is great at understanding people. He actively looks for reviews, which is one of the essential ingredients of achieving mastery. With his persistence, he is sure to provide great solutions and a delightful experience.

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